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Sugaring School in Cincinnati, OH
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Sugaring School in Cincinnati, OH

Love Sugaring Academy is a Sugaring School in Cincinnati, OH. Are you an esthetician looking to expand your skillset? Want to build a business based on love, light, and empowerment? Meet your new obsession: sugaring. Mailette has been a licensed esthetician since 2002 and has created multiple sugar hair removal businesses from the ground up. When it comes to this industry, Mailette has the wisdom, expertise, and mentorship experience to help you realize your full potential. At LSA, we have an immense passion for educating other professionals about sugar hair removal and genuinely believe in its superiority. Start your sugaring education off right with our foundational certification course, where you will take a hands-on approach to learn the essentials for a successful practice. Be prepared to fall in love with yourself, your business, and your life. Contact us today to learn more!

We Offer the Following Courses & Training:

  • Foundational Sugaring Certification
  • Advanced Brazilian Sugaring Certification
  • Human Design Reading
  • The Love Magic Experience
  • SPARK Course
  • GAP Course

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